Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: Robot_fARTs are gReAt?!

April 19, 2017

This week Quinn and Bob go Talk about Tanukis, and Cats, And Gods, And Rabbits, and Floofs, and... Robots? HILARIOUS FARTING ROBOTS!


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: GaMes_king OF JameS and his OLD_DIRTY_GUMPUS

April 18, 2017

This week..... We....... ugh..........we watched Yu-gi-oh..... its time to d-d-d-d-d............Duel?


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: Gh0St AND_the shell

April 17, 2017

This week Quinn and Bob board the hype train and talk a whole lot about ghosts and their shells. Also famous rockstars. And their dicks. 


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: tHiS Boy Bites Butts…? ActuaLLy I AM

March 22, 2017

Quinn and Bob go back to basics and talk about some episodes of anime. Butts get bit, Boys crystalize, Girls play crane games, and...well... Actually, I am? 


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: SPRING SEAONS PREVIEW_ThAnk_YuO_burst_GOD!!

March 22, 2017

Quinn and Bob jump in the car and get it all foggy, so lets fuck the sky and seek out the one room special. UNRIVALED BARGINS! THANK YOU BURST GOD!!


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: BoBbo’s BiZarrE advEnt CalEndar: Bloodivore’s Kiss

March 4, 2017

This week, Quinn and Bob revist a old favorite, and tie off a loose end to a show we didnt quite finish off. Oh and Bob is super drunk, and we go to a gay bar and do kareoke, and have some technical difficulties, but we made it out the otherside. its all jazz baby.


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: bObbY!!! ON ICE!!!

March 1, 2017

This week Quinn and Bob make history (Song by Dean Fujioka) as we explore the worlds of stand up comedy, professional wizards and humanity's decline...ON ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: The aRt CLub May Have summOned FoOtbAll WereWolves?

February 24, 2017

Quinn and Bob, under the watchfull eyes and mouth of a collosal titan, try to pick up dragon girls and join the art club. 


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: a CertAin BLOody baChElOr

February 11, 2017

Quinn and Bob start asking the hard questions. Is this a zombie? Can you mythbust with a railgun? Would the bachelor be better with murder and crime? Tune in to find out. 


Dot.Plot://Ascension_finalMix: UNICORN!!!!

February 5, 2017

Quinn and Bob dive deep into Gundam Unicorn. Will the scifi epic get the better of them. Tune in to find out.